First Post!

May 18, 2009

I’m a housewife, if working from home defines me as a housewife then that I am. I don’t own an apron but wish I did. (I really like this one )
I love food. Always have. All sorts of food. So does Husband. We even have a pretty exotic background. I was born in Israel (mmmm falafel) but my family originates from Iran (mmmm kabob) My husband’s family is from Iraq (mmmm weapons of mass destruction?) So growing up we were usually welcomed home to the nostalgic scents of Cardamon, cumin, and caramelized onions. Our desserts smelled like a summer garden with rose water, orange blossom syrup and honey dripping into our mouths. I look like princess Jasmin:-) And we grew up with pet tigers.

MMMM Persian food

And now back to your regularly scheduled programing. Why the name Reckless Housewife? Because. I suppose. That’s what I am! Like when I almost burnt our apartment building down. ooooops. Or when my hand slips on the cayenne bottle and gives Husband that extra kick he loves so much. Or when I just don’t soak the beans long enough and Husband enjoys a weekend long gastrointestinal festival. He really does love his spices though. He eats Scotch Bonnet Peppers like candy.

Anyways going forward this blog will hopefully be about the food we eat, the food I never end up cooking, and marriage.


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