My husband the plumber … no, electrician … no, superman.

June 9, 2009

A house is WAAAAAY more work than I could have ever imagined. Last night Husband decided that since he’s so good with computers and telephones he’s also good at wiring electricity and plumbing. By 12 PM our kitchen was flooded, the circuits were shorted, and he’d almost electrocuted himself twice (update, he states that he did in FACT electrocute himself THREE times).

So there is this concept in Judaism about the first year of marriage. In biblical times a newlywed male was not sent off to war in his first year of marriage. As some of you may know, we’re still in our first year of marriage. 5 months to be exact. See photo. Thats us
Ahhhh the beautiful happy couple. Marital bliss. Ready to ride off into the sunset and make their own cozy little life. The first year of marriage, their private special time to plant their seeds and watch the garden grow. Our seeds are being planted. I’m not complaining. The truth is everything I say is done with great pride in this very special soul that I’ve married and in my not trying to run away from very important issues. (ok once I ran away but he busted me pretty quickly)

My biggest source of gratitude to the Master of the Universe is this extra little soul I have the privilege to carry to birth.  This has brought us together in ways I couldn’t have ever possibly imagined. 1 AM. I’m in bed and feeling queasy, I dry heave a little but don’t feel like I have to go vomit since dry heaving is like a regular thing for me. Then suddenly, I feel like I better make a run for it. I pick my head up to go to the bathroom and then BLLLLLUUUUAAAAAHHHHH all over my sleeping husband, the sheets, the CEILING, the WALLS, and a stack of Husband’s clothes that I was packing away for the winter.

Superman – So I’ve decided my husband is Superman. With all the First Year challenges, he still manages to move me into the town I’ve wanted. Not complain when I throw up on him. Attempt to fix clogged sinks. Take out the garbage. And get me whatever food I’m craving at that moment.

No complaints. He’s got his shtick (idiosyncracies) but then again so do I. Until we figure out how to make them all blend together in perfect harmony. I’ll learn to leave extra towels out for him to mop up his projects with. And I’ll have the fire department, ambulence, and center for disease control on speed dial.


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