Not such a Persian dinner

July 8, 2009

So its been a while since I’ve posted. Why? Because I’m a reckless housewife. I cook. I clean. (although some (eeeehhhhhem) might say I’ve missed a few spots) And we stay busy. It turns out there are lots of things I want to do before life changes forever. A quick 3 day vacation would be nice. Anyone have any suggestions for Montreal? Gardening took a backseat for a few weeks what with all the rain. But the sun is out now! Lots of walking and swimming lately which has made my very tight muscles feel nice and loosey. BUT as often, I digress … A few months ago my picky eater husband was telling me how much he missed pierogies. It was his favorite treat as a teen and since he’s gone kosher he hasn’t found a brand that he can trust. WELL, since I LOVE pierogies and don’t have the stamina to make them by hand I was on the lookout for some good, Kosher, Parve, Kemach Yoshon, Pierogies and best of all they were made by a Jewish company. We like to support smaller companies that work hard to provide kosher goods at reasonable prices. Its not easy being the little guy. SO I found! And then I made. My sister-in-law jokes that I eat like a boy. After this recipe you’ll see why.

1 Sliced Onion
1 Can of Saur Kraut
1/2 Bottle of good dark full bodied Beer
Dash of Cayenne Pepper

Step 1: I start by caramelizing my onions in hot oil (I use canola oil for this one, as I don’t want the flavor of the olive oil in there).  There are lots of great instructions on the internet. I don’t go too hard core on this one. I like to do a light caramelization. Add onions to hot oil, don’t touch them, stir them or anything on medium high heat. Once they brown do a quick stir and let them sit again. If you’re patient and not too scared … it will work out.

Step 2: Add your MOSTLY drained Sauer Kraut to the onions and let caramelize as well throw in a dash of Cayenne

Step 3: Add 1/2 bottle of beer. We used this one.

I'm not much of a photographer, huh?

I'm not much of a photographer, huh?

Step 4: let it all simmer and brown and stuff … it should look like this.

Another great photo that makes this blog so interesting.

Another great photo that makes this blog so interesting.


Another day in the reckless housewife kitchen.

Another day in the reckless housewife kitchen.

Step 5: Cook the pierogies in boiled water and once they float add them to your beer and kraut sauce. Let it simmer some more.

Your Pierogies should look somewhat like this!



AND if you like to eat like a boy. You add some sour cream and pickled Jalapeno and its a real treat!

More YUM

More YUM

So there you have it. Beer, potatoes in dough, Onions, Sauer Kraut, Cayenne, Jalapenos and Sour Cream … YUP! I eat like a boy! Last week I made potato skins and veggie chilli for dinner that was another manly meal you missed out on.
NOW if only he would eat a little meat! I would add some smoked sausages from our kosher butcher and lose the sour cream and we would have a very hearty dinner.

This blog is dedicated to my good friend and college room mate Leanne. Who taught me the joys of pierogies.

ANYWAYS this was last night’s dinner. Stay tuned for some improved photography (I’ve volunteered husband for this one) Some Sesame Noodles and some Persian Love Cake. I’ll teach you how to use those exotic spices in your gourmet market that you’ve been eyeing.

Peace, Love, And all that jazz!


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