Open Sesame and count your blessings!

July 8, 2009

Another not very Persian dinner. But still yum.  One of the most exciting things about life is living it to the fullest. We all have ideas of what living life to the fullest is. For some its traveling to remote and exotic places, or the thrill of jumping out of a plane, or trying to cram everything imaginable into your life from work, family, travel etc. For me, living life to the fullest is being super aware of everything. I mean everything, the pretty, ugly, smelly, sticky, yummy, sweet, quiet, loud, and even seemingly empty moments. So when I cook and Husband comes into the kitchen staring at how I move around the kitchen. I know that I’m living. That my Husband is watching me so carefully, because he’s in awe of how easy I make it seem and even more so because he’s afraid his reckless wife is going to break, burn, or cut something that isn’t meant to be harmed.

Being an observant Jew, you have no choice but to live life to the fullest.  Every step of your day requires so much careful thought and attention. In the kitchen, where you prepare your food. Your life source. Its even more so. You have to be aware of what foods you’re buying, how you’re cleaning them, preparing them and serving them. And then finally you have to be aware that it all comes from G-D and you count your blessings. Nothing excites me MORE than cooking dinner, working hard, wanting to please my eaters (ok fine just Husband) and then seeing them (him) elevate your creation with a blessing. Husband looks at his dinner. One of his favorite dishes. Sesame noodles! He hasn’t had them since he’s become kosher(a lot of years). He can’t wait to dig in. He stops. He picks up the fork. He forks up some noodles. He looks at it. He softly makes a blessing. Elevating the food straight up! And from then on every bite. Really, truly, is “heavenly”. 🙂

Open Sesame Noodles

Open Sesame Noodles

I call these my open sesame noodles because it’s catchy and because tonight when Husband made his blessing the Open Sesame noodles opened my heart. (OK fine that was mushy, but I’m allowed)

NOW!? Can I hear and AMEN!???



Recipe for the Sauce: No measurments here because I don’t know how to do measurments.
Mix this all up cold. No cooking required.

Soy Sauce
Sesame Oil (toasted)
Peanut Butter
Crushed Red Pepper Flakes
Apple Cider Vinegar

For the Noodles: I use an Israeli brand that makes great Kosher Chinese noodles. But you can use whatever you like.


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