On motherhood and kitchen adventures

January 26, 2010

Well. I’m a mommy now. My little boy is 3 months old today. I took some time to get the hang of the whole parenting thing. and truth is … I think it will take me a LOT more than 3 months. So until then, I’m grateful to the one above for giving me two hands, two feet, and a more patience and strength than I knew I had.  Also having helpful family is the most precious gift.

Things I’ve learned in the kitchen as a mommy.

1. It is possible to cook standing several feet away from the stovetop. while baby snoozes in the sling.

2. Nothing ever really needs to be chopped, sliced, cut evenly.

3. Babies don’t mind raw onions being cut as much as grown ups do … I mean they’re crying anyways, regardless right? (i was grating onions by 4 yrs old so I’m not the best  judge on this matter)

4. The crock pot is your best friend. Just throw ingredients in whenever the baby stops crying for a minute or two. By dinnertime you should have a meal of some sort ready.

5. There is very little a newborn can do to help in the kitchen. But your 3 yr old niece can be an excellent Sioux chef.

6. Your husband will be so grateful you remembered to cook dinner for him that as long as you serve it with a strong drink he won’t realize it doesn’t taste the way it should.

7. The mommy will never eat a hot meal again in her life … yet life never tasted soooo good.

8. OH! and how could I forget … the newest thing I could say I’ve tasted! URINE! Try not to smile a big open smile while changing your baby boy … unless your ready for a mouthful.

I’ll try to get a new recipe out there for all of you. In the meantime. Wishing you all dreams of saffron, cardamon, rose water, and honey.


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