The sounds of silence

August 23, 2010

Before Baby I used to make snarky comments about how much I hated battery required toys. Toys that make noise. Elmos that screech “that tickles” in the middle of the night or Barneys that incessantly tell me they love me.
Well, dear readers those days are gone. Bring on the noisiest toys that go BANG and CLUNK and say all sorts of ridiculous things to make baby laugh and mommy wince. WHY? Because while I was never a whiz on the logic questions, I have mastered a new equation, silence = danger.

Fridays are my busiest day in the kitchen, which means I usually leave baby to roam around the kitchen banging on pots and pans or play in the living room with toys. Usually things go well, I hear loud noises and babbling and I know that everything is under control. Then there is that moment when the house is still. I no longer hear baby babbling, the toys are in their place, and I KNOW that Baby did not decide to go and just take a nap on his own. (that would be a miracle) So I go to check out the situation, and here are some of my discoveries: Baby is tasting new things! Not food, but rather kindling for the fireplace, or licking the radiator. Our books have all been taken off the book shelve. Baby is black from soot and has discovered a new place to play. Baby found the tools and is doing some home repair. The list goes on.
But the lesson learned is that silence is no longer golden in this household. I need noise. Constant noise. I want to hear him laugh and babble and scream and bang his toys. I want to know he is safe. The disclaimer here is that baby is RARELY out of sight, but you know all you need is five minutes.
And so, while I crave some time to myself. And I do crave a moment of stillness and silence. I gladly give that all up for a happy and safe baby. Laughing out loud to my pretend circus. Screaming at the safety gate of the kitchen for some attention. And the most blessed sound of all, peacefully snoozing with his sweet little head on my shoulder.


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