Looooong time no speak

September 18, 2011

I think one of my last posts was about the “sound of silence” and from me. All “you” (if anyone has been attempting to follow my sparse little blog) have heard is silence! I can assure you, it means i’ve been realllly busy. My home has been really loud. Baby is no longer a baby! So I suppose we’ll now call him “kiddo”. He’s almost 2 and he’s a big talker. Those of you who know me, are not surprised. Any child of mine, would be just that. A talker. A jumper. A climber. A prayer. A singer. A learner. A laugher. And more more more. Who can sum up a human being into just words.

It has been now over a year since I’ve updated this blog. I thought about writing posts, but made a conscious decision NOT to. I just wanted to enjoy each moment. There have been times when kiddo was just tooo cute and the camera was IN my hand. And I DID NOT take the picture. I wanted to see him. Look and marvel and enjoy him. With my own eyes. I wanted to be present in the moment and I pray to G-D that I’ll remember the joy he gave/gives me with each new day. And enjoy him just as much when he is a grown man as I do now.

And so for me, I haven’t kept in touch, because I’ve been in the moment. And what an amazing year it has been!!!! I became a doula. I empowered women to have safe, normal, intervention free births. I watched new life come to this world. And I can appreciate the miracles that we experience EVERY day.

I also recently became a mikvah lady. This was a big surprise, and a huge privilege. I cannot express the amount of gratitude I feel to Hashem for choosing me for such a job. To assist women in purifying themselves to re-unite with their husbands. To be with them as they silently pray and open their hearts. To see the transformation from a tired wife, mother, sister, friend to a reborn, fresh, shining woman. It is my fortune.

Amazing. As a mother, wife, doula, and mikvah lady. In each, different role. I am witness to transformation. The transformation of my baby into a child. The transformation of my husband into a father. The transformation of the birth of a baby into a family. The transformation of a woman into the mikvah waters into Hashem’s womb into Hashem’s own baby. And it makes me think. We are all Hashem’s children. We are all miracles.

What a great year. May this Rosh Hashana bring more beautiful moments. More sacred moments. More blessed transformations and more miracles.

And with that note. Here’s kiddos favorite songs. All day long. over and over. I get to hear and dance to it.


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