Everyone  has a blog.  So why not me!? Trust me if everyone was jumping off the bridge I wouldn’t be doing it. But this is a fad I don’t mind being a part of. So!
Currently, I’m a newlywed, “housewife”, I’m expecting a little baby in October. I like to write and I REALLY like to have readers for my writing so why not just throw this out into the universe and see what happens. I write for http://www.jicny.com and http://www.metroimma.com and hopefully if you like my style, I’ll write for you as well! So whats with the name Reckless Housewife?? Here’s your answer!


One Response to “What’s it all about?”

  1. Elahe Says:

    So cute! Now I have the update on your life with…Husband. 😉

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